Equipment List

The worlds greatest camera is the one you are holding.

When going on a shoot, if you can’t live without it take two otherwise one of each.

It is my true belief that equipment is a secondary concern when creating stunning imagery. Don’t get me wrong, it is important, but not as important as the idea or story or emotion or concept.

Having a immaculate concept is the first key to the creation of true art.  Making the image follows.

I don’t know of a pro photographer who isn’t a gadget fiend.  We are all so fascinated by equipment and gadgets.  I have equipment on shelves that I could not bare to part with but haven’t used in year.  I guess we are kind of hoarders.   There are worse traits.

You need to have equipment you can trust, and that you know inside and out.  Knowing what your gear does and what to expect provides you with a sense of comfort.  That “comfort” is the catalyst that allows you to create, explore and experiment.

When I approach a shoot, after developing a concept, I set up the lighting and the overall image.  Once I have my lighting scheme set, I am free to take my mind off f-stops, light ratios and all the things that disturb the creative flow of a shoot.  All that f-stop and technical business is noise that stops the flow of creativity when shooting.

When you are free of the technical you starting seeing and feeling and creating.


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