Better to live a year as a tiger than a lifetime as a sheep.



Laura Mason Portrait Series

I never realized until lately that women were supposed to be the inferior sex.

Laura Mason

Working with United Dairymen of Idaho and Boise State.



Really stoked to be working on a new image series of the 2015/16 Boise State Broncos with the awesome United Dairymen of Idaho.  This will be a pivotal season and I am so looking forward to another season of amazing college football.

Darian T

44 North Vodka

Love our friends at 44 North Vodka.  They have created a premium Vodka Brand right here in good ole Idaho. We worked with Ad Agency Drake Cooper to create a clean sophisticated image of these amazing products.  It was a pretty complicated lighting setup which allowed us to create the Madison Ave effect along with some pretty detailed post production.

Love the challenge and we are all very happy with the results.44 North Vodka