Yoga Girls Rule.

Boise, Idaho cultivates an incredibly fit community.  No more so than the Yoga community.  It has been an amazing life changing experience to embrace and become part of this great tribe.  It is a pleasure to photograph these amazing Yoga Girls.

Here are some images of the movers and shakers.  Enjoy.10662200_10205125955847887_1454494513595900517_o 10700439_10205113953107826_1665558674066174237_o 10712434_10205113767503186_243076899904445027_o 1956949_10205108996263908_335972318642352581_o 10710466_10205117963128074_4431207924139699419_o 10608634_10205118243295078_3899854327647634543_o 10700138_10152560132535939_5901973831335751744_o


Fall On Silver Creek.

I so appreciate southern Idaho.  Vast, tranquil, diverse and for the most part empty.  Silver Creek Preserve is a natural running creek about 30 miles south of  Sun Valley.  It is a fly fishing Cathedral if there could be such a thing.  Slow clear water, giant trout, insects, elk, birds of prey, very few anglers.

It seems almost every other world class fishery on the planet has somehow been compared to this stretch of water.  It is a truly remarkable bio-sphere.

I feel so fortunate and thankful to have this in my back door.  Happy fall, ya’ll.10662025_10205057015924432_5932989180229910233_o 1781483_10205056358027985_5440546037110282996_o 10708564_10205056375908432_8227510140030746122_o