Simple Background Magic for Photos

Photofocus (old site)


 I want to share a simple way to apply a “texture” to a plain or seamless background. A texture is an image of almost anything that can be appropriately ghosted back adding a “texture” to the background. I use images of side walks, freeway underpasses, brick walls, sheets of paper, rusted steel, graffiti, roads, cracked glass, wrapping paper, you name it. Truly, infinite possibilities. This simple technique can provide you with the power to control the drama, mood and overall feeling of your image. It will also provide you with perfect motivation to get out and shoot some textures.

If you saw my earlier post on adding clouds and depth to a overcast or blown out sky, then you are familiar with the principals here.

Instead of buying and storing numerous backgrounds for studio portraits you can shoot on a gray seamless or any fairly even surface. Its super simple…

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