Amazing Women of Boise.

Deep down, as a image maker and artist, I am drawn relentlessly to pure creative energy.  It is inescapable.  It haunts, provokes and pushes me to explore.  Never ceasing, it always seems to be present, in the forefront of my very existence.

This started as a mere twinkling of a feeling.  A fleeting flash of an idea sparked by two remarkable women that propelled me on a visionary journey.  A journey that provided me the opportunity to meet and photograph what I lovingly call “The Sisterhood”.  A beautiful tribe of accomplished, loving, creative women that make up the very fabric of life in our city.  These ladies, in their own unheralded way, lead the way.  They nurture all, they pay it forward, they support, encourage, and above all else…they kick ass.

This is my salute.  My tip of the hat to what has been a incredible experience…A great fortunate event of spending time with each lady and creating a image that distills the essence of the power, the love and the person peering into the lens.

I want sincerely thank my home girls,  Mikayla Latta and Jennifer Ludingtion for introducing me to a their remarkable world filled with love, support and immeasurable vitality.Mikayla14170MASTERcWOBJenniferMASTERFINAL



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