Amazing Women of Boise.

Deep down, as a image maker and artist, I am drawn relentlessly to pure creative energy.  It is inescapable.  It haunts, provokes and pushes me to explore.  Never ceasing, it always seems to be present, in the forefront of my very existence.

This started as a mere twinkling of a feeling.  A fleeting flash of an idea sparked by two remarkable women that propelled me on a visionary journey.  A journey that provided me the opportunity to meet and photograph what I lovingly call “The Sisterhood”.  A beautiful tribe of accomplished, loving, creative women that make up the very fabric of life in our city.  These ladies, in their own unheralded way, lead the way.  They nurture all, they pay it forward, they support, encourage, and above all else…they kick ass.

This is my salute.  My tip of the hat to what has been a incredible experience…A great fortunate event of spending time with each lady and creating a image that distills the essence of the power, the love and the person peering into the lens.

I want sincerely thank my home girls,  Mikayla Latta and Jennifer Ludingtion for introducing me to a their remarkable world filled with love, support and immeasurable vitality.Mikayla14170MASTERcWOBJenniferMASTERFINAL



New Work from my Quiet Portrait Series.

LauraMason15591tdgpf laura5bwNew Work from my Quiet Portrait Series.

Laura Mason was spectacular. Although I spent years in the portrait field, I haven’t done a series like this in some time. It was such a rush to be back in a quiet creative space again. This will turn into a series. I’ll be working on this in the coming months and will post images are they are finished.

The image was created with two 60 in. soft boxes, side by side camera right. It would mimic a 5′ X 8″ window. Super soft. Super moldy, Quiet and sweet.

Women of Boise

It has been an amazing experience working on the Women of Boise Project with Mikayla Latta and Jennifer Ludington.  Celebrating the incredible sisterhood that exists in unheralded in Boise.  These women, in their own quiet way have created a thriving community of love and support.  The images will be displayed at the Modern Art Show on May 1.  Image

Project Filter Moto X Rider Matt Tiechert.


New work for the Project Filter Moto X campaign.

We are in the middle of shooting and producing the Moto X riders and Race Car Drivers for Project Filter.  It is always a blast working with the great folks at Project Filter and their awesome riders.  They are up for anything.  My kind of collaboration.  Here is a shot of Super Chic Danielle Cruellar getting her hang time.  Will be posting more as they develop.



More new work for Project Filter

We are just completing the 2014 Motocross riders campaign for the incredible guys at Project Filter.  Cole Sieber getting some hang time.1961008_10203336807800304_547283839_o

New Work for Project Filter

New work for the awesome folks at Project Filter. Ed Barnowski dropping the hammer.

New work for the awesome folks at Project Filter. Ed Barnowski dropping the hammer.
New work for the awesome folks at Project Filter. Ed Barnowski dropping the hammer.