Compositing in Photoshop Using the Clip Approach

Photofocus (old site)

I began adapting my photographic style and philosophy from “hard core purist” to “compositor” the first time I ever opened Photoshop. For me, within this type of application were the keys to unlimited visual possibilities.

The only bummer? I had to learn to love and to effectively clip (select and extract) items from images in order to assemble them in another. I used to hate clipping.  It was tedious.  Adobe knows that and it and other apps have developed better tools to accomplish this task.  Now I take a more “Zen” approach by appreciating the process of clipping as a means to a better end.  This makes it a bit more rewarding.  As an advertising photographer, about 60–70% of the jobs I am hired to create require compositing.  It is essential to have a workflow that allows me to clip flawlessly.  Nothing gives away a composite faster than a poor…

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