Feature in Europe’s Digital Photo Magazine

When I came in to the studio this morning I found the new Digital Photo Magazine sitting on my desk with a double truck of the image I created of the late, great Greg Poe in Cabo.

Digital Photo is one of Europe’s largest selling photography magazines.  It is truly a honor to be featured this month.  Thanks to the crew at DP for making this happen.



Wada Farms Iconic Truck

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 8.30.20 AMWhat a great experience being introduced to Chris Wada of Wada Farms in Eastern Idaho.  Wada Farms grow and ship some of the finest potato, sweet potato and onion products anywhere.  Chris Wada contacted us earlier in the year to create and produce a new image of their iconic farm truck which has been in the family for generations.

It was fantastic collaboration with him and his team to create the new image.  Here’s to Wada Farms and to a great growing season.