Aviation Images “Enter the Dragon”

I have been uploading some of my aviation images to a very well run and heavily screened web site,  www.airplane-pictures.net.  It has been quite a experience sharing composite aircraft images with what appears to be a very polarized creative group.  Aviation, unlike other industries that embrace the idea of creating “unique” images using various elements and innovations, seems slower at adopting this way of image creation.

My images have brought out a lot of love and a lot of hate and it seems to have spurred a little trash talk, fear, debate and the re-evaluating of what constitutes a acceptable, creative aviation image

I am glad to see the clash of purist vs. innovators.  As a percentage of the images uploaded, the composites are probably less than 1%.  But they are creating a disruption in what is acceptable and possible.

It is going to be fun to see where it all goes.

Here is a link to the composite portion of the site.  http://www.airplane-pictures.net/aviation-graphics.phpImage

ImageImageImage Image


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