Photoshop World and a new cause.

I just got back from Photoshop World in Las Vegas (yep, it was a blowout) and just as I suspected I have gotten little sleep since.  I knew I would O.D. on all the visual and auditory stimuli.  And I did.  But what a great overdose.

While at PSW I realized that there is a gigantic community of photographers, teachers, and artists all looking for inspiration, and knowledge.   Artists are endlessly restless and seemingly hell bent on finding new ways to express their vision.

I am no different.  I went to seminars and talked to other photographers and vendors and teachers.  It was pretty amazing.  What I discovered is that we all have unique ways of thinking, problem solving and creating.  I realized that there is a huge need and demand for knowledge, teaching and sharing.

So I made a decision to share what I have learned in 25+ years of photography with anyone who is interested.  So I am embarking on a new journey to help spread the love.  I want to be a open book and I will do my very best to share what I know.

It is a great way to give back to a industry that has allowed me unimaginable creative freedom, support and fulfillment.

I hope you check back.  This feels good.


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