Awesome Morning

Silver Lining.  Even though the wildfires in Idaho reek havoc they do provide some amazing hues.


Boeing AH-64 Apache

Just finished a new image of the Boeing AH-64 Apache.  We shot this as part of a project for the US ARMY ROTC.  I want to thank all the great servicemen and women at Gowan Field for helping with this project.  We appreciate your dedication and service our country


New technique.

New technique.

I have shot architectural photography for years and used to do a ton of it. I’ve spent a lot of my travel photography efforts on buildings and cities. Something about the physical space that is so wonderful.

In recent explorations in Google+ I have been inspired by some images I have seen of city scenes that have been intriguing. So I decided to develop a technique that will allow me to better represent the vision I have, in my head, of these buildings and cities. I call it MII. Multiple image image.

So I have decided to take on Boise, with all of it’s architectural challenges. If you are photographer, you know what I mean. Not sure how it will come out but here is one from this weekend. I am not even sure what to call this building. For now I’ll call it “The apartment building hooked onto the parking structure that I never thought they would make apartments out of.”

Next up BAM and the Capitol.