New Distinguished Student Award

Great to see the new billboards for the United Dairymen up around the state. So great working with UDI, Edge Media and these amazing students.



Moya Living

We are just finishing up the post production on the new images we created for Laguna Beach’s Moya Living.   It was such a great project working with Moya O’Neill, Mel Levan and Wynn O’Neill.

Incredible line of furniture.  Built in So. California with top of the line materials and craftsmanship.

Moya Living in Manhattan

I am just finishing up the post production for a campaign we are working on with the Laguna Beach Artist, furniture builder Moya O’Neill of Moya Living.   Moya is tremendously talented and has been designing and building high end custom metal cabinetry primarily for the lab industry.  She is currently expanding her line to include kitchens, bathroom and furniture.    Here is a image of a nearly complete renovation on Manhattan’s Central Park West.  It was amazing to see these modern cabinets in a 1880’s Iconic New York condo.  So cool. I’ll be posting more images up and I finish.

Stanley Idaho

Taking some time before the busy summer rush to experience that awesome vibe of Stanley. What a great weekend here.







Steelheads Hockey Image chosen by Mashable

I was really stoked to find out the Steelheads Hockey image was chose in a Mashable story about action photography.  Great way to start the weekend.

Mashable story here.