Story of the famous Steve McCurry image of the National Geographic Afghan Girl

Afghan Girl  Taking National Geographic’s Most Famous Photo


National Rodeo Champ Garrett Smith for Project Smith

I have busy working with our great friends at Project Filter creating a new marketing campaign for 4 new athletes they are sponsoring to spread the word about quitting smoking, a very worthwhile cause.

It is always great working with the incredibly creative crew there.  We travelled to Rexburg, Idaho to photograph Garrett Smith.  We shot portraits in a turn of the century barn and then went into the arena with him as he rode bucking horses, bulldogged steers and roped calves.  Incredible adventure.  

The courage and sheer skill of these guys is amazing.   So awesomeImage to be part of the project.

Sarah in Giverny

I just finished this image of Sarah drifting in Monet’s pond in Giverny.  Remarkable place.  Like going to Graceland in a way.  It felt sacred.  Standing inside his studio where so many masterpieces were created was amazing.   To think Monet actually lived here and right in front of me are the very gardens he created and sculpted and planned.  All those mesmerizing images created right here.