Paris in Fall


New commercial for Project Filter

We had an incredible day at Meridian Speedway shooting a new commercial with our great friends at Project Filter and Davies Moore. 

The day was filled with high octane fuel, leaping motocross bikes, and speeding stock cars.  The finale was shooting footage of stock car racer Kenny Chandler speeding around the track mere inches from  the wall, our cameras and his opponent.  I was driving the “pace car” where Matt and Jim shot the footage.  I must admit that I smelt squealing rubber inside my car as I kept going faster and faster around the track.  It was great fun and the crowd really got into the segement.

After the run Kenny commented that he thought I was going to drift into the Paramedic Truck parked on the backside of the track.  My Murano held it’s own and the footage is pretty insane.

More shooting to follow with a trip to eastern Idaho and Emmet.  The spot should be done before Christmas.  Stay tuned.

Boise State v Nevada

I spent an exceptional afternoon on The Blue shooting stills of the Bosie State Broncos Vs Nevada.  It was a Chamber of Commerce day on the turf with Boise State beating Nevada 30-10.  I got some great background plates for a new campaign we are working on.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a awesome fall Saturday afternoon.