Adobe Love. Big Shout Out.

I am really stoked, honored and thrilled to have one of our images featured on web site.  I created the image of the Red Bull Race Plane flying over the Idaho Desert after visiting Oshkosh Air Show.

I have been doing a lot of aviation imagery the past couple of years and I really enjoy the genre.  I am currently working on a new series of images I hope to be posting soon.

Thanks again to the great folks at Adobe.  It really is a great honor!!


Making images in the farmlands of Idaho and Oregon

We just wrapped up a two day shoot in the farmlands of Southwestern Idaho and Eastern Oregon for IEOOC.  The photo gods were very generous this go round, providing us with a baby Jesus sky for our farm field shoot.  Thank you, thank you “up there”.   I’ll post them when they hit the streets.

America’s Next Top Model Chelsey Hensley

We just finished shooting America’s Next Top Model Chelsey Hensley for a new campaign for IEOOC.  It is such a pleasure to work with a model of Chelsey’s caliber.   She is awesome and incredible to work with.  She had some great stories and we got a little insight into how the show and photo sessions happen.  Very interesting.

Great inspiration

It’s art like this that gets me up early and keeps me up late.

Robert Franz and the Boise Philharmonic

I just got done working with the incredible conductor Robert Franz on some images for Bosie Philharmonic 2011 Season campaign.  Robert was in the studio only mere feet away conducting to several scores.  It was a amazing experience working with him and Jane Perlaky on the project.  The final images will be hitting the streets soon.

Boise State Unveils New Banners On Bronco Stadium – – The Official Athletics Website Of Boise State University

Boise State Unveils New Banners On Bronco Stadium – – The Official Athletics Website Of Boise State University