>Project Filter

>Had a tremendous experience working the the crew at Project Filter and their race cars and drivers.  We are done shooting the stills for the new campaign and are deep in post.  Working with the incredible creatives, Jack, Trevor, Jean and Ivy and the  riders and drivers has been a blast. 

Press time is fast approaching and I will post the final images when they are released.  Gonna be cool.


>Editorial and Advertising Photography

>A interesting observation by A Photo Editor relating to the changing role of editorial and advertising photography in a ever shrinking print world. 

>The formatable team of Matt Hagler and Tracy Watts.


Another couple of examples of the incredible talent of TDG’s Matt Hagler and Tracy Watts, working with some glass for Epionce.  I bow in their presence. 

>Steelheads Hockey Poster No. 4


Got the 4th Steelheads Hockey poster delivered and the boys at the B of A center said it was a huge hit, which makes us smile.  Really smile.  The guys at the rink have been tremendous to work with.  Letting us do our thing.  Mark Derlago and Kael Mouillierat were great sports.

Other than Jessie in the first poster, nobody else has been seriously injured.  Hockey is really one of the great spectator sports and the Steelheads put on a killer show. 

>Some new imagery.


Finally have a moment to post some new images we have been working on the last couple of weeks.  We just delivered the new “Onions On Demand” image for the Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee.  Working with the amazing Sherise Jones is always a pleasure.  No kidding.  She rocks it every time. Extremely creative and an incredible collaborator.  Always a pleasure.

You might recognize Hall of Fame Quarterback Bart Hendicks in the shot as well.  Always fun working with him.  Nailed the concept.

>Food Masters Matt Hagler and Tracy Watts showing their amazing skill and creativity.