>Close to getting a Darwin Award

>We had a blast working on a new ad campaign today.  Things got a bit out of hand with the creativity.   “I am not sure if it will work, but let’s try it.” was the mantra.

Thankfully, no coagulant needed to be administered.  The images should be done in a week or so and we will post them, then.   We thinking these are going to be pretty twisted.


>iPhone Pano "The best camera is the one you are holding".

>I was out in the desert shooting some background images for a new campaign we are working on.  It was one of those drama filled nights.  Blustery giant clouds, stark winter landscape and a empty road.  Perfect opportunity to shoot my new 360 app.

Here is the results of my first 360 pano.  Pretty amazing considering the app cost $1.99.  As the iPhone develops it continues to blow the doors off of what is visually possible to create and share.  More to come. 

>New TDG+Motion-Brett Smith Show Reel

>TDG+Motion is really excited to unveil our Show Reel created by our new partnership with Brett Smith.  Brett is a Hollywood Director, writer and AVID Editor who recently joined the TDG team to head the Motion Dept.  Brett has spent years working at the highest levels of Motion creation and editing.

We are developing our motion offerings as a visual extension of our still imagery.  Having the tremendous creative talent of Brett allows us to create motion solutions that will allow our clients to stand out from the crowd, make a lasting visual impact and provide unique branding opportunities.

Look for new projects soon.

Show Reel ———> (here)

>So stoked, so honored.


I was so stoked to come into the studio this morning and see the Feb 2011 edition of Photo District News Magazine, featuring the Shot Sports Competition.  We took first place for “On the Court” and Finalist for “In the Sky”.  Looking at the other international photographers and work in the competition makes it even more humbling.  It is such a great honor I can’t even tell you.

I want to thank Jim, Matt, Nick, Greg Poe and the crew at the Idaho Steelheads.  This belongs to all of us.  Great way to start off 2011!

Special thanks to the folks at Photo District News and the judges for making this happen.