>A-10 Thunderbolts flyby over the Boise State v Hawaii game.




  1. Ryan · March 26, 2011

    >I really like this composition!A friend and I were debating how this photo was made. I think (looking at the lighting) this shows a lot of HDR-type tone mapping on the original image, while his theory is the planes were composited in over a separate stadium shot.Would you mind saying, roughly, what the process was? Theory C was a fill flash somewhere above the frame, but that seems logistically implausible :).

  2. Derek Huscroft (@dhuscroft) · September 14, 2012

    WOW!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!! Where can I buy this as a HUGE Poster for my Office?? Any help here would be great…I want this sooooo bad!!!


    • Greg Sims · September 27, 2012

      Hey Derek,

      Thanks for you email. Sorry, I missed your post earlier. We don’t have any posters of the image. We can print a giclee of it though, if you are interested. If you have an idea of the size you like I can get you a price.

      Thanks again buddy and again apologies for missing your comment.


    • Greg Sims · November 22, 2012

      Hi Derek. The Air National Guard printed poster of this.

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