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>A Hearty Thanks to Scott Kelby and NAPP


I have been very encouraged lately to see the upward viewing trend of tri-digitalgroup.com, gsims.tri-digitalgroup.com, at-edge.co . Great news. A acknowledgment that email blasts, twitter, facebook, stobist, flicker and all the other guerrilla marketing efforts are paying off.

Yesterday I was checking google analytics for this blog and saw a huge (2500) additional viewers on June 11. What the @#$% . With a bit of research I saw that the additional hits came from Scott Kelby’s blog.

Scott Kelby, for those of you who don’t know, is Mr. Photoshop. He is the CEO of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals), Kelby Publications and a string of other organizations, companies and broadcast medias. He has been the #1 author of Digital Camera and Media books for the past 6 years. He has a wildly successful publication with Photoshop User Magazine etc. etc. A big hitter no doubt, with thousands of followers on his blog.

Scott became aware of my work when he saw the images we provided to his lab, MPIX, at Photoshop World. John at MPIX saw my images on the NAPP site and asked if we would allow him to print them for their booth. Quite an honor in itself. We have since provided additional images for this years Photoshop World as well. See the connection.

With a mere mention of my work and web site on his blog Scott boosted our views by 2500 in a day. Pretty amazing. It only supports the theory that continued promotion through social media will increase your exposure and viewership.

Better yet, it demonstrates the power of a single testimonial posted on a blog by someone with a huge following. We see this all the time (think Susan Boyle on a gynormas scale) The power of the internet and social media is astounding and growing. I am convinced that understanding and harnessing this power is a vital key to marketing your stuff to people who need it.

The end result, of coarse, is you are hired to do what you love and create something amazing.

>Fifth Annual Targhee Fest Music Poster

I just received the final Poster for the 2009 Targhee Fest happening July 17-19 from the very talented Steve Inch at Propel Communications. TDG has been working with Steve for a couple of months on the concept, layout and production of the image.

The image in composited from many elements. The artists – incredible Steve Fulton and Ned Evett, were shot in our studio. The mountains, stage, crowds, trees and sky were assembled to provide a dymamic background.

Steve Inch did an amazing job with the graphics, and layout. Powerful stuff. It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with Steve, Ned and Steve on this very challenging and creative project.

>Art and Copy

>An interesting trailer by famed documentary director Doug Pray, delving into the minds of some of the greatest creatives in the advertising industry. Thought provoking and insightful “Art and Copy” looks at the dynamics of the creative process. Not from the view of “Pushing Products Out the Door” rather from the perspective of how do creatives produce images and spots that create an emotional response from the viewer.


>New DSA Billboards for United Dairymen


While driving down Federal Way this week I was stoked to see one of the billboards we produced with Edge Media and the very talented Jane Perlaky of The Agency Network for the great folks at the United Dairymen. The billboards highlight 3 outstanding high school students from Idaho. We had a blast with Josie, Courtney and Blake. They were very cool, dedicated and driven.

What a great tribute by United Dairymen who always demonstrate so much support for their community. All of us at TDG were honored to be part of the great campaign.

>I am extremely excited to have been invited by At-Edge to present my portfolio on their incredible site, www.at-edge.com. At-Edge is considered to be the premiere website of the worlds most innovative and creative photographers. If you check out the site you will see what I mean.

This is truly a great honor, and I am thankful to my studio Tri Digital Group, business partner Jim Armstrong, my many teachers, mentors, clients and family that have supported me, challenged me and allowed me to explore the amazing world of imagery.

Check out the site. You will see some insane talent and truly epic, iconic and moving imagery there.