>Last Loop


Well, I have to say that this has been an epic fall in Boise. Leaves started turning in the middle of Sept and it is still peaking. The valley floor in a quilt of deep orange and red, with the Boise River in a cobalt ribbon through the center.
I went for the last big motorcycle ride of the year last weekend. . The mountain passes are going to get a little sketchy here real soon. Rode from Boise to Sun Valley – Sun Valley to Stanley – Stanley to Boise via Idaho City. About 350 miles. I knew the colors would be insane so I decided go to Silver Creek, the world famous trout stream. Well known in fly fishing circles as “The Creek”. I have spent countless hours fishing in this cathedral. Tough slow water, smart fish, (check that) smart, big fish! About 2 hours from Boise.

On the ride I took the shot above at the Creek. While cruising through Sun Valley I stopped to check out a new architectural assignment. A awesome property in downtown Ketchum, (picture above). That is going to be a great project! When I get the images done I will post some.


>Boise State University, feeling the power!

We are so stoked to announce that Boise State University’s Ed Tech Department (here) have just joined the growing, dynamic community we are creating at TDG Digital Manager.

More and more companies are understanding the incredible efficiency provided by our simple, well designed, scalable data asset management system. Boise State University’s Ed Tech Department specializes in graduate degress in distance education. A perfect partner to research and test the “possibilities” provided by our TDG Digital Manager. We are expecting great things as a result of this exciting partnership.

>Onions Are Our Friends

I am just doing the final touches on the Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee’s new billboard campaign. We love working with Sherise Jones, the creative director at the committee. She is hilarious, and very creative. We have a couple previous images on the site www.tri-digitalgroup.com

We did a composite and shot the backgrounds in Oregon and the model Rachael in our Boise studio.

>Heading West


We just got our October Issue of Photo District News and was pleasantly surprised to see we were featured in a article about local agency, Drake Cooper. The article addresses the agencies that are “West of Madison Ave” and the talent that lies west of the “Big City”.

It paints the west in a great light and exposes some of the talent that chooses not to live in the big “Advertising Cities”. I love articles like this. For so long New York, Chicago, L. A., Miami, Seattle and the like were considered the only areas to find talented agencies as well as photographers.

I grew up in Southern California and went to college there. I started my photography career there as well. I just chose a quieter existence in the Rockies. For years announcing that your studio is in Boise, or Bend or Madison, brought muffled chuckles from the mainstream advertising community. That is beginning to change. Talent exists everywhere, and more times than not photographers from “outside” the geographic center of the photographic universe provide unique perspectives, a laid back, unpretentious, low key attitude, as well as world class talent. As the following post states, we just won our second PDN PIX DIGITAL Award in a row right here in Boise, Id.

Come shoot in Boise, you will not believe how awesome this place is, and you don’t need 20 permits and a act of congress to shoot outside. If you need location work, don’t forget plane trips are relatively inexpensive and we have a killer airport about a mile from our studio. Our bags are always packed!

I say BRAVO PDN. Thanks for the shout out to “Big Sky Country”.

>OMG We doubled down!


I got some unbelievable news today. The image above is a winner of the Photo District News www.pdnoline.com, 2008 PIX DIGITAL Award in the”Travel and Lifestyle” category. We are truly grateful for this most prestigious award. Last year we won the same award in the Advertising Category. The award coincides with the Gigantic Photo Expo in New York this October.

The Photo District News Awards are considered by many to be the premiere photo awards in the industry. Talent from around the globe submit thousands of images in various categories. Photo District News is again throwing a huge party at Splashlight Studios (we attended that last year) where they roll out the red carpet for the winners. The image will appear in the December Photo District News Magazine as well as their web-site and other marketing material.

We want to thank everyone at PDN for this great honor.