>Carnies, Corn Dogs, Sticky Shoes


Went to the Idaho State Fair last night. Wow. I had a moment of clarity while there and have made a great discovery. Everything tastes better deep fried in poly unsaturated fat. Another discovery – it might not be that good for you. I woke up with what felt like a mild concussion and a aggressive stomach ache.

I have never photographed a fair of this kind. I have seen many pictures over the years and thought it would be a great venue. This year I wasn’t going to pass it up. From the looks of the other 30 photographers there, I guess I was missing something.

The weather was really great with a killer sky and sunset, allowing for some pretty great opportunities. The whole scene unfolded once inside. Creepy Carnies dog-eyeing the teen girls, great unwashed masses, whiny kids, sticky crap all over the ground and the smell of deep fried Pronto Pups, beer and diesel.

America at play, man I love it. In all honesty, I don’t think there have been too many other occasions where I have felt more American. True Americana there – in spades. It was great to get out and take in the vibe. Thank God it’s only once a year!


>Boise State’s new Sky Box


If you are not familiar with Boise State Broncos let me give you a brief history. In the 2006-2007 Fiesta Bowl played in Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, the Boise State Broncos defeated the heavily favored Oklahoma Sooner in overtime. It is considered by many to be one of the greatest college football games ever played.

BSU were undefeated in that season. BSU’s football program has been building and improving for some time. Drawing huge crowds an interest to the famous “Blue Turf”. After that season the University began a much needed and deserved addition to the stadium. The Stueckle Sky Club is days from completion. On assignment to shoot the campus, here are a couple of final images from that campaign. The Sky Club is really a great building. Dramatic and modern. Just what the Boise skyline needed.

>Walter Justice


A couple of weeks ago we had a very interesting client at the studio. He is a author and is publishing a christian theme book. He wanted the cover photo to illustrate an idea from some scripture. Basically, the idea was that burning arrows were being shot at and through him and he was calm, defiant and unafraid.

He wanted the image to appear modern, not biblical but gritty and powerful. Above is the result of the shoot. It was interesting working with flames and arrows. I bought the arrows a pawn shop. Matt (pyro dude) and I set the arrows on a clamp, lit it with some fire paste and shot away.
We then clipped several of the images and placed them in the photo.

The challenges presented by digital possibilities are endless and really pushes our creativity and photoshop skills. No wonder we are photo freaks, check that “superfreaks”.