>London Calling


Sorry, it has been a while since my last post. It has been a very busy summer. In early June my wife and I spent 10 days in England. Spent about 3 days in Bath, near the west coast and the remainder in London.

England is a incredible country, and as you might imagine, full of history. Endless photography opportunities. Bath is an ancient city settled by the Roman’s around the time of Christ. It was settled primarily because of a natural hot spring that was thought to be holy. The hot water combining with the cool English air created a very mystical foggy, bog vibe. The Romans built a huge public bath there. The engineering and design are really crazy. Very sophisticated.

The London portion was insane. London is another historic city that is totally buzzing, all the time. Incredible history. Way more than you can consume in a week. Think Manhattan, with 10 story buildings, built 300 years ago with traffic like L.A at 4p.m on a holiday weekend. Funny thing was, not a lot of technology there. Cell phones, lab tops, pda’s not really prevalent as in the U.S. The people there are very friendly no “tude” at all.

I am posting some images from the trip. I am still editing the trip, that is going to take some time. Check the web site for additional images.

See you next post.