>Photo Rep Signing

>I am really excited to announce that we have signed with Photography Rep Eric J Represents in Minneapolis. Eric is a great guy and has a lot of experience in the industry. I have been wanting to have a photo rep for some time. It is quite a process but we are both anxious to get things rolling. Check out his site www.ericjreps.com .


>Lite House Salad Dressing Ads


Litehouse Salad Dressing just published the ad campaign we recently shot for them. The ads are currently running in national publications. Litehouse Dressing was named Category Leader on Refrigerated Salad Dressing April 2008.

>TDG aquires State of the Art Database Management System

>I am stoked to announce that TDG just aquired a State of the Art Database Management System. The TDG-Adimage Digital Asset Management System is a web-based, fully customizable library for storing, managing, and distributing digital media files.

We have been working with the database (testing) for months are finally in the final phases of install and programming. There has been a huge amount of buzz about it with the clients we have shown.

We will be vigorously promoting this incredible offering t0 outside clients. The database will help our clients organize, automate and totally customize their digital assets and workflow.

If you are a photographer who is frustrated with managing and finding your digital assets contact our studio, we can help.

>Press Check Genie Scientific

> Chris Joyal (producer, very talented designer) and I just completed the final press check on Genie Scientific’s new marketing piece. Genie produces high end metal casework for labs all over the country. Genie is considered to be the premier casework manufacturers in the country.

I spent 3 days in sunny Laguna Beach, with great friends, Wynn, Moya, Mel, Kathi and da boyz, shooting the images. January in Laguna, lets see it was 70 degrees, gentle trade winds, lazy sunshine. Great art, fabulous friends, endless culinary opportunities. Torture.

Having grown up in So. Cal it is always nice to go home and hang at the beach. Fortunately I get down there several times a year. Always awesome.

We are currently discussing another campaign, focusing on their new home furnishing line. We can’t wait.

>J.R. Simplot Annual Report


I just completed final post production on the J. R. Simplot Company Annual Report. This was a killer assignment. I traveled to Morelia Mexico, Canada, Central Calif, Memphis, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Idaho. David Cuoio, of J.R. Simplot did a fantastic job art directing and providing the vision for the piece. A truly fabulous assignment.

The assignment included shooting images of manufacturing plants, mining operations, agricultural images, and aerial images. Just about every lighting conditions imaginable. This is when I appreciate all the years I spent shooting weddings. Nothing prepares you more for this kind of work.

Travelling across North America, with a great client (David) Deep Sea, Mr. Italy 1956 and Mr. Manly with too many incredible experiences to list. Lots of laughs and practical joking going on.

>Shooting "Sin City"

In early March, I was sent to Las Vegas to photograph imagery for Supervalu. The shoot was a whirlwind but really exciting. I want to thank all the crew at Supervalu for their great creative energy and organization.

Only lost $8.63. Walked about 80 miles and took in more second hand smoke in a four day period than I did growing up. Great vibe there, serious money and partying going on. Got some really great images in Vegas. Every square inch of the Strip is an amazing photo opportunity.

My wife (Lisa) and I took in a couple of great shows. Cirque de Solie “Ka” was unbelievable. Never saw Wayne Newton or Woody Allen though, which was a huge disappointment.

You can see more Vegas images at gsims@tri-digitalgroup.com